January 10, 2020

A new project co-funded by the CRC NA and the GRDC is helping Northern Australia farmers diversify primarily beef activities into rainfed broadacre cropping.

In Northern Australia multiple constraints create complex problems requiring multidisciplinary teams and private...

January 10, 2019

Water stress and extreme heat at flowering are common abiotic stresses limiting sorghum yield across the Northern Grains Region. WINTER SOWN SORGHUM can avoid these stresses and increase the likelihood of double cropping a chickpea crop after a short summer fallow. 



March 15, 2017

Results from GRDC funded research indicate that depending on farmers’ capacity of investment and risk attitude, there are  two basic approaches they could use to match cultivars and hybrids (G) and management (M) across sites and seasons:

  1. Risk worrying growers could...

January 28, 2017

African farmers are poorly resourced, highly diverse and aground by poverty traps making them rather impervious to change. As a consequence R4D efforts usually result in benefits but also trade-offs that constraint adoption and change. A typical case is the use of crop...

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