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Tactical agronomy for maize and sorghum in the Northern Region

This project is developing technical agronomic packages to support Queensland farmers’ agronomic decisions for sorghum and maize.


The project has been running on farm and on research station trials supported by APSIM modelling activities. Target regions include Central Queensland, Darling Downs and Western Downs.

On-station trials have been designed to in more detail research gaps in agronomic knowledge.  On-farm trials have added value to the existing network of trials run by commercial seed companies (Pacific Seeds, DuPont Pioneer) and agricultural retailers to in a cost effective manner, increase the range of environments in which treatments are tested.


The project is delivering journal articles, field days, and QAAFI's Annual Research Results Book that can be downloaded below.

Click here to download the 2016/17 Annual Results Book (2.9 MB)

Click here to download the 2015/16 Annual Results Book (37.2Mb)

Click here do download the 2014/14 Annual Results Book (32Mb)

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