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Slides from GRDC Upates 2017

Tactical maize agronomy: managing climate risk in rainfed maize with multi ear hybrids

Australian hybrids are high yielding in drought stress environments - though they could yield more

•Up to 48% yield advantage can be achieved by better matching agronomy to hybrid type and environment,

•Up to 4t/ha in yield increase could be achieved if better adapted hybrids would be developed for rainfed conditions,

What do we need to make maize a reliable option for farmers?

• In collaboration with seed companies develop maize ideotypes for the different environments of the Northern Grains Region;

• In collaboration with seed companies to increase the variability in germplasm for seed companies so that locally adapted hybrids can be developed,

• To develop low risk agronomy packages for maize i.e. heat x water stress

Download Daniel Rodriguez's slides from Goondiwindi HERE

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