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Help us inform priorities for research in wheat, sorghum and maize

Results from GRDC funded research indicate that depending on farmers’ capacity of investment and risk attitude, there are two basic approaches they could use to match cultivars and hybrids (G) and management (M) across sites and seasons:

  1. Risk worrying growers could match cultivars and management to site and seasonal conditions to maximise yield stability at the expense of higher yields in the better seasons; or

  2. Growers already using modern cultivars could be persuaded to use GxM combinations seeking high yields at the expense of some yield stability in the poor seasons.

Though given the limited availability of resources for research and development in the grains industry it is important to identify best possible returns from each dollar invested in experimentation.

A short (10') survey has been designed to help us identify emerging issues and needs for further research in wheat, sorghum and maize in the Northern Grains Region.

Click HERE to help us inform priorities for the Northern Grains Region.

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