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Managing risks and trade-offs in agriculture

Why you should come to this symposium?

The imperative to intensify global food and fibre production hangs in the delicate balance between what is needed and what is possible when risks and trade-offs are considered. Significant effort has been invested into identifying productivity gaps, though surprisingly, little progress has been made on how to manage the multiple risks e.g. climate, production, market; and trade-offs e.g. economic – environmental – social objectives, associated with bridging them.

This workshop brings together a multidisciplinary group of National and International experts to answer: What is the likely nature of those risks and trade-offs?; How are they expected to modulate potential productivity gains in cropping and mixed cropping and grazing systems?; Can we develop more productive and less risky farming systems by design?; What available and new tools are required to quantify and communicate relevant and actionable information across a range of decision makers?; What barriers will we have to overcome to significantly scale out adoption?

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