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Watch our webinar on Winter Sown Sorghum

This Webinar is associated to GRDC’s funded project “Optimising Sorghum Agronomy” (UOQ 1808-001RTX), a collaboration between QAAFI at The University of Queensland, Queensland DAF, and NSW DPI.

The main question this project is researching is whether sowing sorghum early or in winter could reduce the impact or avoid heat and water stresses around flowering.

In this first webinar we have covered questions such as:

  • What is the impact of cold soils on crop emergence and establishment?

  • Are there benefits in yield and water use efficiency?

  • How do sorghum roots grow and function in cold soils?

  • What are the implications for double cropping

You can watch a YouTube recording of this webinar by clicking WINTER SOWN SORGHUM

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